June 4, 2011


It all started with a dream. For over a year and after much effort, thanks to our mother we were able to start this project called LILA SPAIN.


My sisters and I work in different creative areasOur youngest sister has spent many years in photography. She has made many portfolios of photographs of children, and her works hang on the walls of our shop. Our middle sister has dedicated over 10 years to the decoration of all kinds of ceramics. She has exhibited and sold her wares at fairs all over the world. And I, the oldest, have devoted myself to designing childrens fashions for 8 years and am the creator of the collections that you see in the store.


But clearly it has been our mother, q is the most creative of all of us, which hasmanaged to get to work together.


So the result of the experience of all these years we have reflected in LILASPAIN,

I hope you enjoy!
greetings to all,